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Saturday, April 01, 2006

22 teams enter F1 for 2008

22 teams enter F1 for 2008
Applicants to meet with the FIA
No fewer than 22 potential F1 teams met the FIA's Friday deadline to enter the 2008 World Championship. With the current eleven outfits certain to be among them, the official news means that eleven others - including Paul Stoddart's Minardi and David Richards' Prodrive - will duke it out for just one available slot. Ten, therefore, will miss out. “All applicants have been invited to a meeting in London on April 10, 2006,” the FIA said in a statement. Also among the additional eleven teams is almost certainly Craig Pollock, Jacques Villeneuve's manager and a founder of the BAR (now Honda) operation.
“If something will come out, something will come out,” the coy Scot told Speed TV. Another prospective entry is probably McLaren's 'Direxiv'-funded b-team; likely to be a front-runner in the FIA's selection process as it would be based at the refurbished Woking factory. The FIA will publish the 2008 field on April 28


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